Ball Campaign Calls Fowl on Tax Hike Mike’s Term Limit Response

Term Limit Chicken Kept Waiting 40 Minutes for Tardy Legislator

Jim Coleman, spokesperson for the Campaign for Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson), arrived at the Westchester County Legislative Offices of Tax Hike Mike on Thursday to hand deliver the “Move Up or Out” Term Limit pledge to Tax Hike Mike.

The Term Limit Chicken looks for Tax Hike Mike in White Plains

“I walked into that office and I said, ‘Tax Hike Mike, the people demand your commitment to Term Limits!” Coleman said. “And you know what he said? Tax Hike Mike says to me, ‘Mr. Coleman, this isn’t government business.’ Well, absolutely this is Government Business! The people demand you sign this pledge for reform, and that you sign onto the Term Limit Bill that’s on the floor of your legislature, but he wouldn’t listen, and at the end of the meeting he absolutely refused to commit to term limits.”

Coleman and the Term Limit Chicken arrived at 9:00AM to meet with the elected official, but were kept waiting until nearly 10AM.

“A few days after Westchester was once again, and sadly dubbed, the nation’s highest taxed county, Tax Hike Mike waited in the bushes outside Greg Ball’s office, for who knows how many hours, until the staff went to lunch so he could make a campaign movie. Meanwhile he should have been in Westchester trying to repeal and rescind the $1 billion dollars in tax increases and big spending he is responsible for,” Coleman said.

In signing his own pledge in July, Greg Ball has agreed that once elected, and if re-elected twice, he would not run for re-election for a fourth term in the New York State Senate.  If Tax Hike Mike could muster the same courage to put the needs of the voters ahead of his career ambitions, he would be committed to the same pledge for the State Senate and for his current County Legislator seat. This would force him to either “move up, or move out” a concept most voters and taxpayers embrace.

“In July, I called on Tax Hike Mike and my Republican primary opponent to sign my three-term limit pledge and both ignored it. Last week, Tax Hike Mike ignored the bi-partisan efforts of John Nonna (D-Pleasantville), Gordon A. Burrows (R-Yonkers) and Peter Harckham (D-Katonah) to bring term limits to Westchester County Government. People are sick of the gimmickry and the rhetoric, and proposals like this will kill the culture of corruption and entitlement for career politicians while delivering transparent and accountable government back to the people. If Tax Hike Mike won’t term limit himself as a county legislator he sure as hell can’t be trusted to introduce serious reforms in Albany. He’s just a say-anything, do-anything chameleon trying to reinvent his battered image as Andy Spano’s tax-and-spend toy poodle. Now in an election cycle he’s looking for a makeover, yet he won’t embrace a simple concept like ‘moving up, or out’ by placing his current position on the line. I did exactly that, because this is about public service not entitlement and I encourage the entire Westchester County Legislature to listen to the people, whom now more than ever demand accountability and reject career politicians.”

Once elected, Greg Ball promised to term limit himself in the New York State Assembly, and he kept that promise. Similarly, Greg has now agreed to do the same in the State Senate and is asking his opponent to do the same. “Move up or out,” Ball says. Tax Hike Mike refuses to comply, rather keeping his current legislative seat as a taxpayer-funded cushion to run from.

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