Albany, N.Y. – 1/10/2013 – Senator Greg Ball (Patterson – R, C, I) said, “In his first two years, we successfully partnered with Cuomo to cut and cap taxes, begin a full repeal of the MTA Payroll Tax and reform Albany’s long history of corruption. I am proud of those bipartisan accomplishments, but now is not the time to stand on the carrier deck and announce ‘Mission Accomplished’. Outside the canyons of Wall Street, Main Street is still hemorrhaging and even when compared to other states, New York is still in decline. Our small business owners are suffocating every day, taxes spawned by unfunded mandates and burdensome regulations, and New York State bureaucracy at every level continues to be every small business owner’s worst nightmare. Before focusing on divisive social issues, we need this Governor to stay focused on the three things that matter most: jobs, jobs and more, jobs. Let’s continue the hard work to make New York State a leader on that front, again.”

On the Second Amendment:  “The Governor’s comments that ‘no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer’ illustrate a basic lack of understanding and respect for our Second Amendment. The Constitution doesn’t simply apply during deer season and it wasn’t just created for hunters. While I will do everything I can to partner and protect our communities, we must be honest and take a real look at our state’s mental health services, where violent, mentally unstable souls are failed by a kangaroo system daily. The Governor may choose to play politics on this one, and I know the polls are on his side, but if he really wants to save lives, he needs to focus on illegal guns, keeping firearms out of the hands of violent criminals and surgically examine the state’s handling of the violent and mentally unstable, who are sadly falling through the cracks every single day.”

For more information please contact Joe Bachmeier at (845) 200 9716.


About Greg Ball

Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) is the Senator for New York State's 40th district. A former Vice President of Exceed International Development Corporation, Ball holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the United States Air Force Academy, is currently completing his Masters Thesis of Liberal Studies in International Affairs at Georgetown University, and received an honorable discharge in 2005 at the rank of Captain after service as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force. View all posts by Greg Ball →
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