Breaking Video: Author of de Blasio’s NYC Municipal ID Card Legislation Admits ID’s May Be Used To Allow Non-Citizens To Vote, No Security or Anti-Terror Protections

New York, N.Y. – 02/17/2014 – On Sunday morning, New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights), author of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York City’s municipal identification card legislation, appeared on the ABC show Up Close with Diana Williams to debate Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) on a proposal, mentioned in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City, that would provide ID cards to illegal aliens.

During the interview, when Council Member Dromm was asked if the ID cards would be used for voting, he admitted the ID cards could be used to allow non-citizens to vote.

“It is a possibility that it may be a way we can have people for the first time when they come in to vote, if they are non-residents, non-citizens,” said Council Member Dromm.

Senator Greg Ball, Chairman of the New York State Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, who dubbed the proposal the ‘de Blasio Terrorist Empowerment Act’ believes the ID cards will simply provide a mask to those seeking to harm the United States. After Sunday’s debate, Senator Ball said New York City’s vote-getting scheme is absolutely shameful.

“Should we be upset that New York City liberals plan to use the municipal ID cards to permit illegal aliens to vote? Yes, extremely. Should we be surprised? No. It is absolutely shameful that a decade plus after 9-11, New York’s  extremist Mayor is laying out a hair brained scheme that is simply a way to garner more votes, while enabling terrorists and criminals to harm New York City and the United States. The proposal can simply be named a homeland security nightmare,” said Senator Greg Ball.

“We do not have the luxury of getting it wrong when it comes to our national security. This Mayor’s plan will create breeder documents to be used not just by illegal alien workers, but by criminals and terrorists looking to open bank accounts, board planes and trains, execute lease agreements and ultimately harm New Yorkers. In 2011, 7,500 plus illegal aliens who came illegally across our Southern Border hailed from places like Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan, including state sponsors of terrorism. This Mayor is telling illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists alike, ‘Break the law and get to New York as fast as you can. When you do, we will issue you an identity; any identity. Your word is good enough for us.’ Among the September 11th terrorists, 19 of them had more than 60 driver’s licenses and over 300 aliases and identifications. They went to other states with lax identification laws and that’s why the U.S. Congress enacted the Real ID Act, to save lives. Now this crazed Mayor wants to forget all that and empower the terrorist thugs looking to kill New Yorkers. New York’s security is America’s security. While this new Mayor is now free to focus on carriage horses and beyond, he should look back in recent memory when more responsible Mayors took terrorism and security more seriously. This Mayor’s proposal is a homeland security nightmare, and must be stopped,” said Senator Greg Ball.

Senator Greg Ball will host a Homeland Security Hearing in New York City focused on Mayor de Blasio’s plan to provide illegal aliens with identification cards as well as legislation in the New York State Senate that would give undocumented aliens access to drivers’ licenses. The hearing will be hosted on Friday, February 28, 2014 at the NYC Senate Hearing Room located at 250 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York.

Watch Sunday morning’s full interview here:

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