Grassroots Movement Earns Ball an Historic Write-In Victory

9/22/2010 - Assemblyman Greg Ball was joined by local Conservative Party leaders along with dedicated rank-and-file members of the Conservative Party to mark his historic victory in last week’s write-in campaign for the 40th Senate District. The final ballot count is expected to show that Ball beat Albany-handpicked candidate, Mary Beth Murphy, by a margin of more than 2-to-1.  According to New York State Conservative Party leaders, Ball’s margin of victory, as a write-in candidate, is the largest write-in victory in recent memory.

“We sent Albany and all those backroom operators a real message. This isn’t about conservative verses liberal. This is about rank-and-file taxpayers and New Yorkers sick of having Albany puppets shoved down their throats. I am honored to have the support of rank-and-file Conservatives and look forward to now expanding this grassroots effort to independents, blanks, democrats, vegetarians and vegans,” Ball said. “We all want our state back from the entrenched corporate and special interests running our state into the ground. This is a victory not only for the true conservatives, like a growing number of voters across America, who want government to live within its means, but to all New Yorkers tired of insider politicians controlling elections with back room deals and telling the rest of us what to do.”
“The true Conservatives came out on Tuesday in overwhelming numbers to make sure they were represented by the true Conservative candidate,” Councilman Nick Bianco (C-Yorktown) said.
In addition to Bianco and Lewisboro Supervisor Charles Duffy, Ball received strong support from rank-and-file Conservatives as well as committee members in Lewisboro, Yorktown, Beekman, and Pawling. Evelyn Kahlow, a Conservative Committee district leader in Lewisboro, said that Conservatives were looking for a candidate like Ball.
“New York is known for the most dysfunctional state legislature in the country.  Throughout our door-to-door campaign, we found Conservative voters were looking for a candidate who could be trusted to go against the powerful special interests in Albany,” Kahlow said. “The primary was about giving a voice to Conservative voters to choose the candidate who has the background and commitment to save our State government and revitalize our economy.  Clearly, this extraordinary result of a successful write-in campaign shows that we believe Greg Ball is the candidate who will make a difference in Albany.”
Theresa Hordern (North Salem), Sean Johnston (Beekman) and Bob Davidson (Pawling) each spoke at the Press Conference about the Conservative Party endorsement for Ball’s opponent, who was handpicked by the Party Leaders without seeking the input of the party Committee Members.
“I have been the Vice Chairman of the pawling Conservative Party. I saw what happened without a caucus, without consulting any of us, where we’re all of a sudden given a new candidate,” Davidson said.
Unofficial results show that 686 Write-In Votes were cast in the State Senate Conservative Primary against only 361 cast for Murphy. Putnam County shows a 354-156 advantage for Ball. Westchester County reported 255 write-in votes against 173 for Murphy. And, Dutchess County reported that Ball received 77 write-in votes against 32 votes cast for Murphy. In total, Ball appears to have received 65% of the vote despite his supporters needing to write in his name in the appropriate open write-in box on the new ballots.
Also during the press conference, Ball demanded that New York State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long put the party’s support behind Carl Paladino, the Republican nominee for New York State Governor. Ball demanded the Chairman solidly place Conservative support behind Paladino, and consequently avoid dividing the opposition to “Status Cuomo.”
“We have an Albany outsider and businessman who now has a real chance of winning this thing and he deserves our full backing. I am calling on Chairman Long to do everything possible to ensure that Lazio is out of the race, and that Carl Paladino receives full Conservative backing. Statewide, the Albany insiders and their puppets in the Conservative Party received a thumping, in Senate 40 and beyond last week. Today, it is time for Chairman Long to find his ‘inner Chairman’ and take a real stand to permanently shake up Albany by backing Paladino,” Ball said.
Prior to the Primary, Ball officially endorsed Carl Paladino for Governor.

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