Written by Ken Mastro

Town officials are making plans now to make sure Lewisboro is as prepared as it can be when Hurricane Irene likely touches ground here on Sunday morning.

Town Supervisor Charles Duffy has been in frequent contact with Lewisboro’s Emergency Management Committee as well as the town’s emergency personnel and relevant department heads regarding the town’s emergency preparedness for the storm.

Town Board and emergency committee member Frank Kelly has provided The Ledger with a number of recommendations for residents as they prepare for this storm and future potential weather emergencies. But he said that residents should remain calm.

“People should not be overly alarmed and should go about their daily business prudently, safely and slowly,” he said. “If it looks like you should not be driving, then don’t.”

Mr. Kelly recommends that residents have fresh batteries and an independent drinking water supply. He also said it is good to prepare a kit in advance, perhaps as a family project. Even if these items are not needed for this storm, Mr. Kelly said it might be a good time to practice some preparedness thinking for families.

The kit should include:

• Airtight plastic bags

• Drinking water

• Non-perishable food items

• A three-day supply of each person’s vital medications

• Some hand tools — wrench, pliers, screwdriver

• Alcohol-based sanitizer

• Important family information — contact numbers, locations, etc.

• First aid: sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes, antiseptic, petroleum jelly or other lubricant, assorted sizes of safety pins, tweezers, needle, aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever, anti-diarrhea medication, antibiotic ointment, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent, with DEET.

• Battery-operated radio, extra batteries

• Flashlight, extra batteries

• Tape (duct works for everything)

• Candles

• Matches in a waterproof container

• Unscented household chlorine bleach

• Feminine supplies

• Personal hygiene items

• Infant supplies (diapers, bottles and pacifiers)


State officials also warned residents to be careful this weekend.

“I’m not saying you should board up your windows and get out of town,” said State Senator Greg Ball. “But Mother Nature is very unpredictable. The best thing we can do is be prepared for that unpredictability.”

He said the New York State Emergency Management Office is keeping close tabs on the storm and will lead all emergency responses, should they be needed. (READ MORE)



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