Local Group Forms To “STOP TAX HIKE MIKE”

Small Business Owners and Taxpayers Highlight Kaplowitz Pro-Tax, Anti-Small Business and Big Government Record

9/24/2010 - Robin Murphy, a constituent in Tax Hike Mike’s county legislative district, today announced the Stop Tax Hike Mike movement at a rally with Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson), candidate for State Senate. Murphy began the movement initially on Facebook and other social media sites, after Tax Hike Mike failed to answer her simple question about his vote for the Housing Debacle and then subsequently lied about it and about her to reporters, while also ignoring her completely and in front of assembled media (link).  Shortly thereafter she became aware that her experience was more common than unique. Robin met an increasing number of constituents who had similar negative experiences with their representative.

“The families and small businesses in the Lower Hudson Valley are hurting,” Murphy said. “We need jobs, we need tax cuts, we need real reform in Albany. These are our undeniable priorities. But, as reported in the August 24th Putnam Examiner, Mike promises as State Senator, starting his first day on the job, his number one priority will be to clean the lakes in Putnam County.  I kid you not, he said that his NUMBER 1 priority, that’s more important than jobs, more important than the our economic recovery, more important than everything else, his number 1 priority if he wins is to clean up the lakes in Putnam County.  But I don’t see that on Mike’s palm card.”
Greg Ball presented the Tax Hike Mike Tax Bill at the Press Conference, accounting for more than $11 Billion in new taxes, pay increases, and fees as Budget and Appropriation Committee Chairman.
“For years my opponent ran as a big spending, tax loving Westchester Democrat, cozy with Andy Spano and Boss Ryan,” Ball said. “Now over the past year he has tried to carefully recreate his image, only recently coming to the altar of fiscal sanity. Well, it’s too little, too late and I am glad to be joined by voters who have had enough of the same old political games and gimmickry. The silent majority is silent no more and hundreds of thousands of taxpayers from around the state and millions across the country are now standing up and saying no to the status quo. Tax Hike Mike, as Budget Chairman, taxed and spent Westchester to the dubious position of being the highest taxed county in America. He served as Andy Spano’s toy poodle, approving raises, big cushy perks for legislators and staff, and even approved the $60 million dollar, mother of all unfunded mandates, the Spano Federal Affordable Housing Debacle.  This year, go-along to get-along politicians need not apply. My record of cost cutting, tax cutting and corruption exposing is clear, it’s time for new and independent leadership, and an innate willingness to stand up to the powerbrokers in Albany, and that is why I am running for New York State Senate.”
Murphy launched Stop Tax Hike Mike to highlight a desire among small business owners to bring an end to the tax-and-spend policies of Tax Hike Mike, Westchester County’s infamous Budget Chairman, infamous for raising taxes, rubber stamping Andy Spano’s spending, and as the architect of a $60 million dollar affordable housing debacle.
Taxpayers who have bore the brunt of Tax Hike Mike’s taxing and spending addiction will speak, laying out Tax Hike Mike’s prevalent history of raising taxes that not only hurt families in the pocketbook but also make it increasingly difficult for small businesses to grow and thrive in the Hudson Valley.
“Sadly, I have yet to meet any constituent who has anything positive to say about Tax Hike Mike.  And I’ve tried,” Murphy said.
“Tax Hike Mike is the worst kind of politician.  He’s great at shaking hands at public events but he won’t listen to the needs and concerns of his constituents.  And he won’t answer questions about his voting record,” Murphy said. “Thanks to Tax Hike Mike, Westchester County has the highest property taxes in the entire country and a sizable deficit.  He’s been in office for 13 years and based on his voting record, he represents everything we don’t want in Albany.”
Murphy and the members of Stop Tax Hike Mike were joined by Westchester County Legislator John Testa (R – Peekskill) and Yorktown Councilman Terrence Murphy (R – Yorktown).

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