Pistone, Women4Ball Tell Tax-and-Spend Murphy To Take Control of Her Own Campaign

Women4Ball Rally Demands End To Push Polling and Smear Campaign Tactics
8/13/2010 – Lauren J. Pistone and Women4Ball held a rally outside the offices of Tax-and-Spend Murphy on Friday at 2PM to officially announce the organization Women4Ball, and to demand that Tax-and-Spend Murphy take control of her own campaign and end the smear campaign.

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“If Mary Beth Murphy wants to be a leader, she needs to take control of her own campaign from the old men in Albany who are now running the show,” Pistone said. “In the two weeks since I stood in front of the Elephant Hotel, I have been contacted through email and phone calls by hundreds of families who are just as sick and tired of the negative garbage coming from Murphy’s campaign. And what’s most disturbing is that the Smear Campaign Tactics have continued through disgusting Push Polls that she is using to spread lies and innuendo disguised as facts.”
Pistone will be joined by women who received Push Polls supporting Tax-and-Spend Murphy that lie about Greg Ball. “Would you continue to support Greg Ball if you learned he voted for the largest tax increase ever in the state of New York?” was one question on the Push Poll while “Would you consider supporting Mary Beth Murphy if you learned that she decreased spending and taxes in Somers since she became Supervisor?” was another question.
Two weeks ago, in response to Pistone’s call for the end of the Smear Campaign, Murphy was reported in several news outlets to say the negative campaign did not come from her, but from the Albany Republicans. Women4Ball will present the paper trail that shows that the Albany Insiders are paying not just for the smear campaign against Ball, but also for Murphy’s mail plan, her autodialers, and her tele-town halls, while the Somers Republican Committee, chaired by Jim Chisholm, pays for Murphy’s Campaign Headquarters. Chisolm admitted at the last Women4Ball press conference that he did try to hire Pistone, even as Tax-and-Spend Murphy denied anyone from her campaign contacted Pistone.
“This is ridiculous. The same men paying for mail that smears Greg Ball with lies and paying for these push polls are the men paying for mail that says ‘Paid for By The Committee To Elect Mary Beth Murphy,’” said Donna Shkreli, a member of Women4Ball.

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