Montgomery, N.Y.  – 03/22/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson), Senator Bill Larkin (R,C – Cornwall-on-Hudson) Senator George Maziarz (R – Newfane), Chairman of the New York State Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, and other officials toured the Taylor Biomass Energy located in Montgomery, NY on Friday afternoon.

The tour was a follow-up to the sustainable energy community briefing that Senator Greg Ball hosted in December to examine biomass energy and its prospects for creating good paying jobs throughout New York State.

Biomass allows post sorting for nearly 97% of waste to be processed through a minor source air permit facility, gasification process. Biomass effectively eliminates most of our waste while creating affordable energy. One such biomass plant can be a sustainable energy source for nearly 23,000 single family residential homes. For instance, the Town of Montgomery including its three Villages of Montgomery, Walden, Maybrook has approximately 5,900 single family residential homes.

“Currently, we are paying folks to transport our waste a great distance away. This process revolutionizes the entire waste process by creating a real value around our refuse, literally turning our trash into cash. We continue to utilize an outdated process to dispose of garbage and waste that is harmful to the environment and not economically sound,” said Senator Greg Ball. “In my eight years in public life, I have never stumbled upon such an amazing opportunity to create jobs and clean up the environment, contemporaneously. I have worked with my colleagues to organize this tour so we can learn how this new innovative and environmentally friendly process can benefit the State of New York with good paying jobs, by turning our waste into energy, while protecting and preserving the environment. I would like to thank Senator Larkin for having us in his district for this tour, as well as Chairman Maziarz for making the trip to see this innovative technology.”

“In today’s ever-changing world, we see the importance of innovation when it comes to solving our energy difficulties.  Taylor Biomass Energy is a great example of a “thinking outside the box” approach to dealing with our growing waste problem.  It is a highly efficient system of producing much needed energy through a gasification process that eliminates nearly 100% of our recycling waste.  Taylor Biomass Energy is a prototype that can and should be used across the country and I am proud that an Orange County business is leading the way in sustainable energy practices,” said Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson).

“Biomass generation supports more than 4,000 jobs across the State of New York, and there is no better example of the positive impact that this industry is having than Taylor Biomass Energy,” said Senator George Maziarz (R-C), Chairman of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee. “Biomass fuel is plentiful in our State due to the large amount of untapped agricultural and forest land where it can be collected, and it is also environmentally friendly since it burns fuel that would already decay as part of a natural carbon life-cycle. This form of generation is also a key component of our State’s energy mix, since it is both renewable and can run without interruption an important difference between biomass and other forms of green energy. I appreciate Senator Larkin inviting me to tour this facility and thank Senator Ball for joining us and I can promise that the innovative techniques being used at Taylor Biomass will help to inform our policy making decisions moving forward.”

Although Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney wasn’t able to attend the tour due to a conflict, he remains committed to working together to make new and innovate energy sources like biomass a reality.

“It is my priority to team up with ventures like Taylor Biomass and folks like Senator Greg Ball and Senator Bill Larkin to help cut through government red tape and invest in innovative private-public partnerships to make alternative energy sources like biomass a reality, creating hundreds of jobs in the Hudson Valley and developing clean, renewable energy,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18).

Biomass energy is an innovative and environmentally friendly technology aimed at adding “recover” to the common environmental lexicon of “reduce, re-use, recycle and recover the energy content.” The biomass process involves a revolutionary change in the haul and dump method. While many profess solutions to “going green” and being a piece of our environmental and energy solution, biomass is a holistic approach that limits our carbon footprint while efficiently creating, clean and sustainable energy within the local area that the waste is generated.

Over the last two decades, Taylor Biomass Energy has developed and refined its proprietary “Taylor Sorting and Separating Process” technology, taking recycling to its best and highest use. Developing new technology to convert biomass into energy for commercial use is the next step in a long tradition of environmental stewardship and innovation. Waste is a resource. We need to stop wasting our waste.

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