Brewster, N.Y. – 02/18/2014 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson), Chairman of the New York State Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs, committee issued the following statement and launched a petition on his New York State Senate website opposing Governor Cuomo’s plan to use tax payer dollars to fund college classes in prisons across New York.

The initiative would provide college level education at ten New York State prisons at a cost of approximately $5,000 per inmate per year. New York currently spends $60,000 per year to incarcerate one person and approximately $3.6 billion in total costs for prisons. There are an estimated 54,500 inmates currently confined in state prisons.

“In a world of finite resources, where we are struggling to find funding for education for our kids, the last thing New York State should be funding is college tuition for convicts. As some are unveiling ‘Attica University’, millions of New Yorkers right now are wondering how the heck they are going to pay student loans and help their kids go to college. Why not help them? While I understand the need for counseling and rehabilitation, free college tuition for prisoners is a slap in the face to hard working New Yorkers that work multiple jobs and take out exorbitant student loans to pay for higher education. I urge all New Yorkers to sign the petition I have created on my website to send a strong message, that we don’t want our taxpayer dollars used to provide a college education for convicts,” said Senator Greg Ball.

To Sign Senator Greg Ball petition visit:

“Before we consider giving criminals a free education, let’s make college more affordable for hardworking New Yorkers by establishing an income tax deduction for any payments made on student loans. As the cost of higher education increases, so does the accruing amount of debt, not only for the graduating student but also for older generations that are co-signers on the loans. The tax deduction would make the student loan payments more bearable,” Senator Greg Ball continued.

Senator Greg Ball’s legislation (S.6487) would establish an income tax deduction for any payments made on student loans.

For more information, please contact or (845) 531-9796


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Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) is the Senator for New York State's 40th district. A former Vice President of Exceed International Development Corporation, Ball holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the United States Air Force Academy, is currently completing his Masters Thesis of Liberal Studies in International Affairs at Georgetown University, and received an honorable discharge in 2005 at the rank of Captain after service as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force. View all posts by Greg Ball →
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