Brewster, N.Y.– 12/8/2011– While Washington D.C. remains in a grid lock, Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) has worked across party lines and with Governor Cuomo to cut taxes for middle class working families, announce a job creation plan and has repealed the job-killing MTA payroll tax.

Senator Ball said, “This tax cut for the middle class is exactly the shot in the arm working families need and is a great jobs focused package that begins to adjust our unfair tax code. This is the lowest tax rate for the middle class in 50 years. The job-killing MTA payroll tax for the vast majority of payers will now go ‘bye, bye.’”

Scott Wagner who owns a small telecommunications company in Mahopac said, “I am ecstatic that this horrendous tax is finally being repealed. I already manage high gas prices and toll prices for the vans; I don’t see why I should have to pay a MTA payroll tax when I don’t use any of their services. The repeal of this MTA tax along with the tax cuts across the board will be a big help to my business and our economy as a whole”.

Carmel Town Supervisor Ken Schmitt said, “ Any tax break would be very welcome in the town of Carmel and Putnam County as a whole. Due to the economic conditions that we are currently experiencing tax payers are having a hard time paying their mortgages, this tax relief will certainly be a huge help.” He went on to say, “The MTA tax was an unwarranted tax that if indeed repealed would go a very long way with business owners and municipalities in Carmel. I applaud the efforts of Senator Ball and know that he truly cares and speaks from his heart”.

John DeCicco the owner of  DeCicco’s Family Market, a branch of supermarkets said, “We are very happy to see this MTA payroll tax go, this will be very helpful for all business owners. As for the tax relief I am happy to hear that more money will be put in the pockets of my employees and I am hopeful that this will be the first step to jump start our economy”.

Business owner and Yorktown Councilman Terrance Murphy said, “I have been behind Senator Ball since he started fighting for the repeal of this job-killing MTA tax years ago. The repeal is great news for all business owners that have been affected by this tax. On the tax cuts, the middle class is being squashed out of New York because of the high tax rates. These new tax cuts are defiantly a big step in the right direction for New York.”

Peter Cris, president of the Pawling Chamber of Commerce, feels the repeal of the MTA payroll tax will not only help businesses but the entire community. “The smaller the business, the more precious the outlay of dollars and the greater the impact of the savings of those dollars,” said Cris. According to Cris, “The repeal of the payroll tax will probably prompt people to stay in NY.”

The middle class tax cut and job creation plan has three key components:

1) Middle Class Tax Relief: The plan cuts taxes for 4.4 million hardworking taxpayers.

  • $3.3 billion in total tax relief.
  • New $690 million tax cut for middle class New Yorkers.
  • $2 billion in tax relief for hardworking families that were affected by the PIT hike passed by Senate Democrats in 2009.
  • Elimination of New York’s notorious “stealth tax” by indexing tax brackets and deductions, saving taxpayers $130 million in 2013 and $309 million in 2014.

Current Individual:

$20,000 – $200,000 6.85%
$200,000 – $500,000 7.85%
$500,000 – over 8.97%

New Law Individual:

$40,000 – $150,000 6.45%
$150,000 – $300,000 6.65%
$300,000 – $2,000,000 6.85%
$2,000,000 – Over 8.82%


2) Boosting Job Creation: To further the Senate Majority’s key goal of strengthening our economy and creating new jobs.

  • Cuts the corporate tax on upstate manufacturers in half — providing a major boost for job creation.
  • Supports the New York Works Initiative – an infrastructure investment fund designed to create jobs through development of highways, bridges and major construction projects.
  • Provides job training for young New Yorkers.


3) Help for Small Businesses: MTA Payroll Tax Cut: The package delivers on our longstanding goal of derailing the job-killing MTA Payroll Tax.

  • $250 million in new tax relief through elimination of the MTA Payroll Tax on most small businesses.
  • Elimination of this job-killing tax for more than 290,000 small businesses throughout the 12 county MTA region.
  • 81% of all impacted businesses will see the tax completely eliminated.

“Now more than ever we must remain focused on job creation and push even harder moving into 2012 to alleviate the tax burden for working families, seniors and small business owners. This is a great first step towards that goal!” said Senator Ball.


For more information or to speak with Senator Ball, contact Joe Bachmeier (845) 200-9716.




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