“It’s about jobs, jobs, jobs!”

Yorktown, N.Y. – (3/10/12) –  “It’s not about my job, it’s about yours!” Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) said Saturday at his kickoff campaign to a crowd of hundreds of family, friends, volunteers and supports.

Senator Ball unveiled his jobs plan and renewed his term limit pledge at the grassroots rally held at Murphy’s Restaurant in Yorktown Heights.

“It’s about jobs, jobs, jobs and getting this state back on track! From the property tax cap, to the MTA payroll tax repeal, to balancing the states budget we have worked smartly in an effective bipartisan fashion to get this done. We must maintain and expand our majority to deliver a statewide spending cap, a freeze of school taxes for seniors, a 20 percent tax cut for small business owners and finally pass term limits!” Senator Ball said.

In attendance to show support for Senator Ball was Jim Dibella, The Chairman of the Putnam County Republican Party and Doug Colety, The Chairman of the Westchester County Republican Party. In addition to the two Chairmen there were about a dozen councilmen/women and elected officials at the Kickoff event.

Senator Ball said that the Senate majority has a strong plan to create jobs, cut taxes and control state spending this year. In order to make this plan a reality, Senator Ball said he is fighting for the following items:

         20% tax cut for small businesses

         Small business job credits

         Eliminate 500 percent energy tax hike

         Tuition relief for middle class families

         Support job-creating projects

         State spending cap

         Moratorium on new taxes and fees

“This Senate seat literally decided the balance of power in the previous election, it will certainly remain a critical seat and it’s absolutely vital that we work together to keep the balance of power out of the hands of New York City’s ‘Tax and Spend’ crowd,” Senator Ball said. “Moving forward I will use my voice to continue to fight for real tax relief, a statewide spending cap, a freeze of school taxes for seniors, a balanced budget that smartly cuts government spending and roots out waste and expand upon my important work as Chair of the Senate’s Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security Committee.”

In addition, Senator Ball renewed his “Move Up or Out” Term Limit pledge which states that once elected, and if re-elected twice, he would not run for re-election for a fourth term in the New York State Senate.

“People are sick of the gimmickry and the rhetoric, and proposals like this will kill the culture of corruption and entitlement for career politicians while delivering transparent and accountable government back to the people,” Senator Ball said.

“As the top rated Conservative in the New York State legislature, Senator Ball has demonstrated the conservative values that we need in our community,” said Yorktown Councilman Nick Bianco. “I am looking forward to the members of the Conservative Party backing Senator Ball once again this year. I support Greg 100% and I look forward to working with him on his re-election campaign.”

“Senator Greg Ball has been a big help to Yorktown’s seniors in a short time,” said Ann Kaufmann, a resident of the Town of Yorktown and chairwoman of Senator Greg Ball’s Senior Advisory Council. “Senator Ball is concerned with keeping seniors in their home and helping them stay in their communities. Senator Ball helped the Yorktown Seniors receive grants to construct our new senior center. He passed the tax cap, and he is fighting for us with a senior tax cap so we can stay in our homes.”

Reverend Adolphus C. Lacey, PhD, of Peekskill said, “In a day when politicians can say one thing and mean another Senator Ball is a man of his word.”

“As an Assemblyman, Greg Ball stood up against the New York City Democrats in defense of our religious protections and the life of the unborn. Now as our Senator Greg successfully protected the religious beliefs of all New Yorkers, fought to make sure our Catholic schools are not forgotten in the budget, and prevented the Reproductive Health Act from becoming law in New York,” said Rev. Tom Lutz, formerly of Sacred Heart Church in Putnam Lake, New York.

“As our representative in Albany, Senator Greg Ball has twice been honored by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association as our Legislator of the Year,” said Steve Clorofilla, a Carmel resident and NRA Life Member. “We’re very grateful for the great job that Greg has done to protect the 2nd amendment rights for all the people of the State of New York.”

Ann Ellsworth, The Executive Director of the Putnam/Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center said, “Senator Ball has been championing the bill to increase the number of bed nights for victims of domestics violence and their families as they begin to regroup and recover from the trauma of domestic violence. I appreciate his diligence on women’s issues and look forward to this legislation being passed to help the families of Putnam County.”

Two local veterans were noted speaking very highly of the work that Senator Ball has done for of all veterans across the 40th senatorial district.

“As the chairman of Senator Balls Veteran’s advisory council I have seen first hand that no one is more dedicated to our Veteran’s than Senator Ball,” Said Vietnam Veteran, Eugene Parrotta. “He honored over 600 veterans at a special thanksgiving dinner, nominated 27 veterans district wide including myself for a Veterans wall of fame and is also leading the fight for a state wide Veteran’s Cemetery.“

“As a Veteran that served in Vietnam and received two purple hearts I can tell you that Senator Ball has shown a tireless dedication to Veterans. I am honored that I have been selected as one of the Veterans to be featured on Senator Balls Veterans Wall of Fame. I cannot thank Greg enough for all the great work he has done for us,” said Bert Gonci.

The Chairwoman of the Putnam County Chamber, Jennifer Maher said, “As an Assemblyman Greg Ball rallied the fight to repeal the MTA payroll tax, which was successfully repealed for 80% of businesses. As a Senator, Ball truly is an ally to the business community, he is dedicated to job creation in Putnam County and Continues to fight for small business and economic development.”

Carmel town supervisor Ken Schmitt, Councilman Frank Lombardi and Councilwomen Suzanne McDonough all noted Senator Ball’s leadership and compassion for their town and for the district at large.

“State Senator Greg Ball has defined himself as a true leader and works tirelessly day in and day out on issued that effect the quality of life of all the residents in his district,” said, Carmel Supervisor Ken Schmitt.

“Senator Ball has been there for the Town of Carmel whenever called upon,” Councilman Lombardi said. “We can rely upon him to fight for our taxpayers.”

“Senator Ball has true advocate for the Town of Carmel and the 40th Senate District. Whether it is our seniors, our students or our veterans, Senator Ball is always there. I know he has the energy, experience and dedication to win this race,” said Councilwoman Suzanne McDonough.

Jim Byron, owner of Patterson Auto Body, said the jobs plan is just the shot in the arm our local economy needs.

“Given the situation that the state is facing economically, there is no better person to be our state Senator than Greg Ball,” Byron said. “There is all good stuff in that jobs plan. He is targeting the average person where they need help the most, and that’s exactly what we need.”

Peekskill resident Warren Dyckman said this jobs plan is critical for the stimulation of the local economy, and he believe Senator Ball will help make the various steps in the plan a reality.

“Senator Ball is doing all the right things. We need to relieve the constraints on the local employer, so they can hire locally,” Dyckman said. “I think the major population needs to get behind Senator Ball and support him or else we will lose out on major job creation.”

Senator Ball continues to be a partner and advocate for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

“I would just like to applaud Senator Greg Ball for his unyielding and continued efforts to get the MTA payroll tax repealed and succeeding in doing so. This payroll tax cost Devereux approximately $50,000 a yea. Instead, this is money should have and now can be been spent on our school program at the Devereux Millwood Learning Center for the children with autism and on our campus school program in Red Hook, as well as the ninety developmentally disabled adults we provide residential and day services to throughout the Hudson Valley,” said John O’ Keefe.

“In this era of divisive politics it is reassuring to know that New York State government can work even for those who cannot fight for themselves. That is if these New Yorkers have a legislator like Senator Greg Ball fighting for them. Thanks to Senator Ball’s advocacy a group of wonderful young men with autism including our son, Matthew will be able to continue to be employed at area businesses and volunteer at local non-profits.  The Senator and his staff averted the imminent closure of their day program by advocating with State officials to find a workable solution,” said Terry Pirraglia. “Senator Ball is a true champion for the disabled.  He and his staff not only genuinely care about New Yorkers with developmental disabilities they are willing to turn this concern into action.  Thanks to the Senator’s leadership and his staff’s ceaseless efforts on behalf of New Yorkers with developmental disabilities they have a real chance to become part of the everyday fabric of their communities. Senator Greg Ball’s work displays the best that government can be by giving a voice to the voiceless.”

“Senator Ball is a committed friend to first responders and has been an outstanding Chairman of the Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs Committee,” said Bob Buckley. “His focus and commitment to making out state safe for all New Yorkers has been a visible effort since day one.”

“We are here today to honor our good friend, neighbor and NYS Senator, Greg Ball. Though we may be of many different ages, jobs and interests, it is certain that we all have one thing in common, our admiration for a man who never quits until the job is done. Greg has been and will continue to be a tireless advocate for the citizens in District 40 and all of NYS,” said Antoinette DeBellis.

The Chairwomen of Senator Balls Women’s Advisory Council, Patricia Sutton said, “Senator Ball has made tremendous strides to support victims of domestic violence. Through his legislative efforts he pushes forward with sincerity and passion to protect women and children from the horrors of domestic violence.”

“Senator Ball’s unflinching support of effective immigration law enforcement makes him a true leader who must be re-elected so that he can continue to demonstrate the sort of leadership that should serve as a role model for all elected officials,” said Michael Cutler, Senior Special Agent, INS. “Having worked with him on issues relating to the enforcement of immigration laws on the state and local level I eagerly endorse his re-election campaign.”

For more information or to speak with Senator Ball, please contact Joe Bachmeier: (914) 406 – 5114


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