Albany, N.Y. – 6/26/2013 – Senator Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee has announced the highlights of his 2013 Legislative Session.

“This has been a very productive session for Team Ball and we are already preparing for next year. I am happy to announce that 29 bills that I either sponsored or co-sponsored have passed both the Senate and Assembly and await the Governor’s approval. Working with community partners we have successfully secured well over $1.75 million in state grants for the communities and organizations throughout this Senate district. As the funds come available we will make joint announcements on the specifics over the next several weeks, and months,” said Senator Greg Ball. “As the Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee I have continued to fight to deliver for our veterans and active duty service members and their families. I am happy to announce that after a long hard fight we have finally created a ‘hire-a-vet’ tax credit for small businesses that hire veterans, we have passed legislation to enable the first ever statewide veterans’ cemetery and I have also worked with my colleagues to successfully secure funding to expand the Dwyer PTSD Peer-to-Peer Counseling program. On a separate, but similarly important topic, after a 5 year struggle I passed ‘Hannah’s Law’, a law named after an 8 year old Yorktown girl suffering from an Eosinophilic disorder. Working across the aisle we restored funding for the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities and I also worked with my colleagues in the Assembly to strengthen animal cruelty laws and so much more. This has been a great second term, and I look forward to finishing strong next session.”

This year Senator Ball was the prime sponsor of 10 bills and the co-sponsor of 19 bills that passed both the Senate and Assembly and have been sent to the Governor’s desk for approval for a total of 29 bills on their way to becoming law. In addition, Ball also was the prime sponsor of 19 bills and the co-sponsor of 25 bills that successfully passed the New York State Senate for a total of 44 bills.

Senator Ball’s 2013 Highlights:


Senator Greg Ball has announced that he has successfully secured a total of $1.75 million in state grants that he will be announcing over the next several weeks for schools and community oriented programs all across the 40th Senate District.

Hire-A-Vet Tax Credit

Senator Ball successfully advocated for a Hire-a-Vet credit that was included in the  2013- 2014 State Budget to provide a tax credit to any business that hires a veteran returning home from military service full-time for one year. That credit will equal 10 percent of wages paid, with a maximum of $5,000 per veteran – increasing to 15 percent of wages if the veteran is also disabled, with a maximum of $15,000 per disabled veteran.

New York State Veterans’ Cemetery

After years of tireless work, Senator Greg Ball successfully passed his Veterans’ Cemetery Bill in the 2013-2014 New York State Budget, which will create a program to establish the first ever New York State Veterans’ Cemetery.

Hannah’s Law

Senator Greg Ball has passed Hannah’s Law, S2287A, through both the New York State Senate and Assembly and now awaits the Governor’s signature. The legislation is named after Yorktown resident, Hannah Devane. Hannah is an eight year old girl who suffers from eosinophilic esophagitis, a potentially fatal condition that makes it impossible for her to eat most foods.

Expansion of Dwyer PTSD Program

Working with his colleagues, Senator Greg Ball successfully secured funding for the continuation and expansion of the PFC Joseph Dwyer PTSD Peer-to-Peer Veterans Counseling program to Westchester and Putnam Counties.

Developmental Disabilities Funding

Senator Ball successfully advocated to fully restore cuts in funding to the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Ball strongly opposed the proposal in the Governor’s budget for $240 million in across-the-board funding cuts to OPWDD.

Animal Abuse Law

Senator Ball has successfully passed an animal bill in both houses that seeks to ease the financial burden on impounding organizations that are caring for animals. The law requires that upon arraignment of charges or within a reasonable time after, the court holds a hearing to order the owner of the animal(s) to post a security to cover the reasonable costs of care for the animals from the time of seizure and impoundment.

Complete List of Senator Ball’s 2013 Passed Bills

2013 Both Houses Bills Prime Sponsored: 10

Bill No.
S2287A BALL — Enacts “Hannah’s law”; requires certain insurance policies to include coverage for the cost of enteral formulas
S2574 BALL — Provides to the issuance of a Cold War Certificate to resident veterans who served honorably in the armed forces between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991
S2665B BALL — Authorizes DA on behalf of impounding organizations to file a petition seeking a security for the reasonable costs for caring for seized animals from individuals convicted of certain animal cruelty
S2907 BALL — Relates to the effectiveness of chapter 430 of the laws of 2012
S4280 BALL — Relates to enhancing fire safety on state property
S5207 BALL — Relates to allowing Nancy M. Dwyer to apply for Tier IV status
S5239 BALL — Authorizes the village of Sleepy Hollow to offer an optional twenty-year retirement plan to certain police officers
S5241 BALL — Authorizes the commissioner of general services to convey a parcel of land upon the Green Haven correctional facility to the Safe Haven Animal Shelter and Wildlife Center
S5504A BALL — Enacts the “veterans employment act” to grant veterans the right to temporary appointments by state agencies, rather than using temporary employment service companies
S5787 BALL — Relates to the state fire mobilization and mutual aid plan


2013 Passed Senate, Prime Sponsored: 19

Bill No.
S2292 BALL — Provides for crime of non-support of a child where a parent voluntarily reduces or terminates employment or fails to seek employment
S2305A BALL — Requires each violator of “Buster’s Law” to register his or her name and address with the division of criminal justice services
S2306 BALL — Requires that annual reports be distributed in electronic format only, unless otherwise requested by a member
S2559 BALL — Restricts the right of an offender to use a computer in prison or access the internet if such offender has been convicted of certain sex offenses and used a computer
S2560A BALL — Expands the definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include harm to a companion animal during the commission of a felony
S2578 BALL — Prohibits sex offenders who are on parole or probation, or conditionally discharged from being upon the premises of any facility providing child day care
S2583 BALL — Establishes the class A misdemeanor of unlawful dissemination of a security body scan
S2584 BALL — Authorizes the issuance of a temporary retail permit to sell alcoholic beverages to certain applicants who hold licenses for other premises selling such beverages
S2648 BALL — Limits imposition of metropolitan commuter transportation tax on self-employment earnings to annual earnings over $250,000
S2652 BALL — Relates to prorating a veteran’s exemption if such veteran moves within the same county
S2655A BALL — Provides that the ballots of deceased military personnel shall be counted toward the election for which they were cast
S2657 BALL — Relates to the display of certain flags upon the capitol building
S2801 BALL — Allows any qualified person to apply for voter registration and enrollment by application made with an application for any hunting or fishing license
S2803A BALL — Provides a preference in state contracts for service-disabled veteran owned small businesses
S3507A BALL — Negates the issue of military deployment as a factor in the awarding of child custody
S3876 BALL — Establishes an “Amber Alert” system for missing developmentally disabled persons
S3878A BALL — Authorizes the county of Putnam to grant exemption from county sales and use taxes during the period August 16-25, 2013 for certain clothing and footwear
S3886 BALL — Relates to the crime of soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism
S5807 BALL — Relates to additional credit for military service for disabled veterans


2013 Both Houses Bills, Co-Prime Sponsored: 10

Bill No.
S352 GALLIVAN — Provides no fines shall be issued except upon a finding of intent on the part of the licensee and if no intent shall be found, the penalty shall not exceed a letter of warning
S1079A MAZIARZ — Increases killing or injuring a police animal from class A misdemeanor to class D felony
S1711B GRISANTI — Prohibits the possession, sale, offer for sale, trade or distribution of shark fins
S2089 GRIFFO — Relates to credit union memberships and membership powers
S3112 FLANAGAN — Authorizes the payment of Debra Conte, wife of a deceased member of the Assembly
S3753A GRISANTI — Relates to preemption of local laws; repealer
S3806C MAZIARZ — Relates to on-farm energy generation
S4777D GOLDEN — Appropriates money to the office for people with developmental disabilities for the funding of various programs
S5585 GOLDEN — Provides additional credits allowed the children of police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics killed in the line of duty
S5805 FARLEY — Establishes the Lt. Colonel Todd Clark Memorial Flag Presentment Program


2013 Passed Senate, Co-Prime Sponsored: 25

Bill No.
S283 LARKIN — Creates crimes of cemetery desecration of a veteran
S284 LARKIN — Prohibits the unauthorized sale of veterans’ commemorative property by cemeteries
S583D GALLIVAN — Prohibits persons who have been convicted of animal cruelty from working at an animal shelter
S966 LIBOUS — Enacts the “public assistance integrity act” to prohibit sale or purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or lottery tickets with public assistance benefits
S1073 MAZIARZ — Creates a definition of residence under the sex offender registry act
S1294 GRIFFO — Requires any state mandated program imposed on municipalities and school districts to be funded by the state
S1452 FLANAGAN — Relates to the custody and visitation rights of a sex offender
S1590 GRISANTI — Establishes the crime of concealment of a death
S1963 GRIFFO — Extends certain educational benefits to eligible veterans
S2040 BONACIC — Prohibits the throwing, tossing, expectorating or expelling of saliva or other bodily secretion or excretion at or on an employee of a correctional facility
S2261 KLEIN — Defenses against patronizing a prostitute
S2266 KLEIN — Increases the penalties for sexual performances by a child and provides for consecutive sentencing upon certain multiple convictions
S2328A KLEIN — Prohibits placing of level 2 or 3 sex offenders in any temporary emergency housing or homeless shelters used to house families with children
S2332 KLEIN — Directs commissioner of education to establish guidelines providing for donation of excess, unused, edible food from school meals to food assistance programs
S2486 LAVALLE — Increases from twenty-four to sixty months, the time for which reconsideration for parole shall be determined
S2522 MAZIARZ — Establishes a solar incentive program and related tax credits
S2551 HANNON — Establishes protections to prevent surprise medical bills
S2755 GRIFFO — Establishes protocols for combative sports; authorizes mixed martial arts events in this state
S2937 HANNON — Allows senior citizens previously approved for the enhanced school tax relief exemption to file a simplified renewal application
S3414 ZELDIN — Amends the general business law relating to the disclosure of social security numbers
S3639 O’MARA — Relates to penalties for the crimes relating to methamphetamine laboratory operations
S3977 MAZIARZ — Extends green residential building grant program until 2016
S4095 ROBACH — Makes provisions for payment to certain peace officers employed by department of corrections and community supervision for salary and medical expenses while subject to sickness
S5070 GOLDEN — Relates to additional credits allowed children of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty
S5872 SAVINO — Prohibits differential pay because of sex


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