Seniors Rally for Ball Plan to Reform Property Taxes

Demands Tax Cap and Freezing School Taxes for Seniors

9/7/2010 – At a Press Conference at Yorktown Town Hall, seniors from throughout the Hudson Valley joined Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) and Dr. Steve Katz, candidate for Assembly, to call for Property Tax Reforms that include the Local Option to freeze school taxes for Seniors, a circuit breaker to tie what homeowners pay in property taxes to their ability to pay, and a Property Tax Cap. Ball also called on the State Legislature to take an up-or-down vote before November on the three-legged stool approach to reform property taxes and cap spending.  

“Seniors who cannot afford to keep up with the yearly increase in their School Tax bills are forced to sell their homes, and more often than not a young family with kids will move in. And as cute and cuddly as those kids can be, they each come with a $20,000 price tag on their heads,” Ball said. “The cycle perpetuates the increased costs of our schools and the increased spending. With the three-legged stool approach of Property Tax Reform, we can control costs and spending, and Seniors, who are the backbone of our community, who organize our parades and our pancake breakfasts, will be able to stay in their homes because that Tax Bill they receive when they’re 65, they know it will be the same bill they pay when they’re 75, and God willing, the same bill they pay when they’re 105.”

Assemblyman Ball is the prime sponsor of A.6748 to provide the local option to freeze Property Taxes for seniors, A.6749 to grant a 100% senior tax exemption on school taxes, as well as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a comprehensive proposal that includes a property tax cap and a spending cap, a circuit breaker that ties what homeowners pay in property tax to what they can afford to pay, and the local option to freeze property taxes for seniors.

“Working families, small businesses and seniors are struggling and the American Dream of homeownership has become a nightmare for many. We must immediately freeze school taxes for seniors and cap property taxes. None of us milked the cows before coming here today, and we’re not going home tonight to slop the hogs,” Ball said. “Yet, we still have a Property Tax model based on generating income from our property. Property tax reform is the single most important issue facing this state, and even before coming into office and everyday since, I have been calling on the state leaders to enact a meaningful, long-term and comprehensive solution. These proposals are gaining steam, with the Governor even coming out to endorse my plan for Real Property Tax Reform, but we must demand an up-or-down vote before the November election.”

Dr. Katz today joined the United Taxpayers of Yorktown to endorse Greg Ball’s Property Tax Reform plan, and promised he will work with the next Senator to fight for the reform in Albany and to find local solutions.

“Two million New Yorker’s have left this state, and two million more are ready to follow their lead. The people paying the bills, small business owners, working families and taxpayers, are leaving this state in droves and this failed social experiment we call Albany, funded by taxes and backdoor borrowing, is soon to come to an end. New York’s property tax problem is a crisis of enormous proportion, so horrific in scope and size that communities from Montauk to Niagara are feeling the crushing burden. The Governor created fanfare earlier this year for mentioning a property tax cap during his State of the State speech. Now is the time, with legislators in campaign mode, to get it done,” Ball said.

Ball first proposed his Property Tax Reforms in 2006 as a candidate for Assembly, and wrote the legislation in 2007. Despite calls from his colleagues that these reforms were not realistic, Ball reached across the aisle and reached out to Senators to build support for his plan. In 2010, the Property Tax Cap passed the Senate.

More pictures from the Press Conference are available online:

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