Tax-and-Spend Murphy Discovers Internet, Copy-and-Paste, in Same Day

Replace (Ctrl+H) Function Remains a Mystery

8/10/2010 – In a recent release trumpeting her discovery of YouTube (founded in 2005) and Facebook (launched in 2004), State Senate candidate Tax-and-Spend Murphy sent an email that appears to have been taken from State Senate candidate C. Scott Vanderhoef’s campaign website. Bloggers immediately pointed out that Murphy’s campaign failed to take out references to Vanderhoef.

A press release sent earlier today by Tax-and-Spend Murphy’s campaign states, “Among the tools Murphy is using are … Facebook page where Vanderhoef and his supporters can communicate, network and share their thoughts.”

Presenting the language as her own, Tax-and-Spend Murphy appears to be using a cookie-cutter Press Release approved by the Albany insiders and political operatives running her smear campaign.

“This cookie cutter approach goes to show that Tax-and-Spend Murphy is merely a puppet of the entrenched Albany insiders who have the most to lose if my campaign against the status quo is successful,” Greg Ball said. “Last week her campaign admitted to slimy tactics, including repeated attempts to pay off an ex-girlfriend, then Tax-and-Spend Murphy was caught stuttering in response to a question regarding the Second Amendment, then her handlers messed up when they insinuated I had collected per-diem when the opposite was true, and now this sad affair of sloppy conduct and plagiarism. Voters are simply tired of Albany handlers, funded by corrupt special interest groups, propping up puppets like this and running negative smear campaigns that are completely disconnected from real people and real issues. I actually feel bad for Tax-and-Spend Murphy. Her handlers seem to be preoccupied with more important mouthpieces, while she seems lost in a negative race that is beneath her and the people of this district.”

Tax-and-Spend Murphy has already drawn criticism as an Albany insider after employing Scott Reif, the former spokesperson for disgraced ex-Senate Leader and convicted felon Joe Bruno. Recent mailings from the Tax-and-Spend campaign also use the same postal box as the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, which just last year cut a deal with embattled State Senators Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate to hire 160 new staffers and move into bigger offices, a deal that Tax-and-Spend Murphy has publicly refused to repudiate.

Greg Ball, who is challenging the Albany insiders to represent the 40th Senate District, first employed YouTube and Facebook during his grassroots campaign in 2006, and has five-thousand more followers and friends than Tax-and-Spend Murphy, while YouTube videos featuring Ball have been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Tax-and-Spend Murphy’s Copy-and-Paste Release:

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