Women4Ball Exposes Tax-And-Spend Murphy’s Smear Campaign

7/29-10 – Women4Ball, an organization of female supporters of Assemblyman Greg Ball, today held a press conference outside Somers Town Hall to share stories about how Greg Ball has helped them and their families. But, the bombshell at the press conference was the lengths in which the insiders propping up Murphy’s campaign are willing to go in order to smear Greg Ball. (Watch the Video!)

Lauren J. Pistone, an ex-girlfriend of Greg Ball, has been approached by Murphy's campaign to be the voice of a smear campaign.

In her statement, Lauren J. Pistone, an ex-girlfriend of Greg Ball, says she was approached by Murphy’s representatives to speak against him. “Facts don’t matter,” they told her.

“I stand before you today not only as Greg Ball’s ex-girlfriend, but as a voter, and a very concerned one at that,” Pistone said. “Over the past few months, I have been approached by Mary Beth Murphy’s campaign to work against Greg and the facts are not their concern.  Murphy’s negative campaign, being run by Albany operatives, has relentlessly harassed me for months. And yesterday I finally said, ‘Enough is enough.’”

Dozens of women, across all generations, stood outside the Somers Elephant Hotel with Pistone, chanting “Vote For Greg” in support of Ball’s campaign for State Senate.

“Very few politicians get elected and do what they say they are going to do. Greg Ball is not one of those politicians. He has promised to vote down tax increases and fight against the corruption and the status quo in Albany. I as a voter do not want Mary Beth Murphy, who raised her own salary as Supervisor and would surround herself with a team that thinks going after the ‘ex-girlfriend’ is the way to win an election. All this does is just prove she is the worst kind of politician, attacking on garbage issues and surrounding herself with career politicians who sink to this moral low of avoiding what the people need. The women and families of New York need a voice who will fight for what is right, not a career politician who thinks talking about trash and garbage is going to get her elected. Ask yourself these questions as a voter. Why do they always attack him personally?  Why has he chosen to accept zero outside income and continue to be attacked personally every two years? It’s all they have, a bag full of garbage. Enough is enough. Let’s throw this trash out!” Pistone said.

“I’m just a mom from Yorktown,” said Jessie Devane. “Three years ago I came to Greg Ball because I was fighting for my five year old daughter, who needs a life-sustaining formula to survive. Nobody would listen to me. Nobody would give me the time of day. I knocked on every politician’s door in the area. I made phone calls. Who returned my phone call? Greg Ball. Where are we three years from now? Hannah’s Law has now been passed through the Assembly because of Greg Ball. Greg is the only one who helped my family, who helped my daughter. It’s been three years and Greg is still around. Greg still remembers me and my children. Greg still comes to our family functions. I think it is despicable what is being done to him. This man has done nothing but fight hard for the people in his district.”

Andree Monroe of Garrison has a similar story, yet Greg Ball was not her representative. She sought the help of her officials after her husband was severely injured on a State Construction Project. Ball was the first to respond. Monroe said the slander sent to her home and exposed to her children must end.

“If they do not come out and denounce these attacks, then they are as good as responsible,” Monroe said. “Three months ago our homes were invaded by this Concerned Women’s phone call asking if we’d support Greg Ball after finding out that he mistreated women. Those phone calls laid the foundation for what we’re seeing now, an unsubstantiated character assassination being run by people afraid to see Greg Ball win. Well, we cannot afford for Greg Ball to not win.”

Jen Danzi of Connecticut spoke about the work Greg Ball has done to help families with Autistic children.

“Greg and I met when I chaired the Ivy Cup Charity Polo Match last year where Greg helped us raise $25,000 for Autism,” Danzi said. “I later found out that Greg was the first New York State Legislator to propose a statewide autism insurance bill which provides up to $36,000 in coverage for families with autistic children. I am here because I believe in what I see in Greg Ball and what I see is a young man, with family values, who is hard working, loyal and dedicated to the people of New York who need him to help end the mess that this state is in.”

Dozens of members of Women4Ball support Pistone's announcement outside the Somers Elephant Hotel.

Judy Ball, Greg’s mother, spoke passionately in defense of her son when a women sent from Murphy’s campaign began to heckle Women4Ball.

“What’s going to happen to our young American girls and boys that want to get involved in the political field, but if they don’t tag a deal or they don’t shake the hand of the right man, they can’t run because of honesty? Because they care? Because they believe in our Constitution? Because they love America?” Judy Ball asked. “Stop this! Stop this and judge my son by what he’s done!”

“I am upset, but my tears will not come from the filth that passes our mailboxes, with my neighbors and my family, my clergy men, and my mailman. It doesn’t matter, because Greg taught me when he said he had to go on his own. I said, ‘Why on your own?’ and he said, ‘Because I’m honest. And I don’t want to become corrupt. And I don’t want to make backroom deals.’ And I watched my son for four years fight for you people, and fight against these indecent people that put garbage in our mailboxes. And Greg has not been at my dinner table for the last four years because he’s been at every event, every parade walking with the people he supports and fights for. He’s been to your home, knocking on your door, talking to you. For four years, Greg Ball has been in the communities of this district.” Judy Ball said.

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