Women4Ball Rally to Support Greg Ball

9/26/2010 - At the Historic Putnam County Courthouse, Women4Ball held an impromptu rally of 40 women on Sunday with Robin Murphy to support Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) in his campaign for State Senate, and to emphasize Ball’s record of voting against over 200 new taxes and fees and over $3 Billion in bloated budgets and spending, as well as his leadership on Hannah’s Law, Autism Spectrum Disorder Insurance Reform, and Child Safety Zones.

When a handful of Tax Hike Mike’s supporters appeared at the Courthouse with signs of their own so that Tax Hike Mike could announce his “groundbreaking” support for gender equality, Murphy asked the crowd, “Did I wake up in 1910 instead of 2010?” as Women4Ball began to chant “Stop Tax Hike Mike.” (More pictures are available online.)
Murphy and Women4Ball remained to ask Tax Hike Mike about his record of increased spending and new taxes and fees, as well as his vote against Child Safety Zones in Westchester and his dodging questions from constituents, while the campaign team of Tax Hike Mike desperately called friends and neighbors to come to the Courthouse and hold signs for the Westchester County Legislator. Tax Hike Mike kept his volunteers and Women4Ball waiting for nearly one hour.
Robin Murphy, a constituent in Tax Hike Mike’s county legislative district, announced Friday the Stop Tax Hike Mike movement at a rally with Assemblyman Ball. Murphy began the movement initially on Facebook and other social media sites, after Tax Hike Mike failed to answer her simple question about his vote for the Housing Debacle and then subsequently lied about it and about her to reporters, while also ignoring her completely and in front of assembled media (link).  Shortly thereafter she became aware that her experience was more common than unique. Robin met an increasing number of constituents who had similar negative experiences with their representative.
Women4Ball proved a decisive element in the Republican Primary by setting the record straight when Ball’s Tax-and-Spend opponent began a smear campaign. From July through September, Women4Ball held rallies to expose the Tax-and-Smear Campaign’s dirty tactics, as well as to expose the backroom efforts of the men who ran that campaign from Albany and from inside the local Westchester political machine.

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Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) is the Senator for New York State's 40th district. A former Vice President of Exceed International Development Corporation, Ball holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the United States Air Force Academy, is currently completing his Masters Thesis of Liberal Studies in International Affairs at Georgetown University, and received an honorable discharge in 2005 at the rank of Captain after service as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force. View all posts by Greg Ball →

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