On the Ball


by Jennifer Swift

YORKTOWN, N.Y.– Amid construction and a renovation of the Yorktown Senior and Nutrition Center, State Sen. Greg Ball (R, C- Paterson) told Yorktown seniors he would secure funding from the Dormitory Authority for the renovations.

The seniors, who were holding their annual holiday celebration, were told by Ball he would work to get them the $100,000 in funding they never received from the authority. He also said he would work to obtain an additional $150,000 for renovations to the center’s hallways and bathrooms.

The renovation of the senior center has been a widely debated topic in town politics, as many seniors want a stand-alone senior center, rather than a renovation of the existing space. A location for the seniors to meet while renovations were ongoing was also an issue of contention before November’s election.

“This is the hub of senior life here in Yorktown and it is vital to the well-being of our seniors that they have a safe, happy place to go every day,” Ball said. “Without the senior center, these folks would have to fend for themselves when it comes to getting the care they need to stay healthy this holiday season and throughout the year.”

Mary DeSilva, director of Senior Services, said she and the seniors were grateful that Ball is fighting for this funding they have been waiting on for over three years.

“It’s important to have a center that looks beautiful and cheery,” she said. “It makes the seniors enjoy coming to the center. Many of these seniors come here five days a week, and it’s like their second home— their home away from home.” (ARTICLE)